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Our increasingly efficient streamlined automated world exists
to ultimately make our lives simpler happier safer friendlier!!!



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The contemplation of every detail of the entire history of humanity is a breathtaking experience, but that pales in comparison to the far more breathtaking experience of beginning to contemplate the entire cosmos, the details of which are light years beyond
the knowledge and awareness of our collective historical consciousness. Technology may someday reveal the vast panoply of all those details to us, but an ever expanding evolving universe may well be far beyond the grasp of any miraculous technological breakthrough.


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Spending our time ONLINE facilitates action communication and the dissemination of information, but many of us prefer to increasingly spend our time OFFLINE instead, enjoying everlasting love bliss joy peace happiness everywhere always forevermore!!!


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As our ONLINE WORLD becomes increasingly OMNIPRESENT and OMNISCIENT, there will be increasingly LESS NEED for ANY of us to retain ANY information other than what is necessary or desirable to engage in certain activities. Technology will increasingly do EVERYTHING for us except for what ONLY our divine sublime celestial souls do BEST and MOST UNIQUELY: radiate infinite and eternal pure love and light!!! Technology exists to assist us in realizing our MANIFEST DESTINY, which is HEAVEN ON EARTH everywhere always!!!


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Those of us who HAPPILY receive information TELEPATHICALLY for the most part, which is
EVEN FASTER than technology, do NOT really NEED technology except as a means of TANGIBLY connecting with others. Someday, technology may be UNNECESSARY for ALL of us.

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