Blogging Blessings

1) Living on our unenlightened planet is an extreme challenge, even for the most enlightened souls. We endure countless trials and tribulations here in order to remain true to ourselves and enlighten others. Although our road to nirvana may be long and rocky, our destination is worth our journey.

2) My paternal grandfather, a beautiful soul, was my best friend until he passed away too soon. During our last walk together, he told me: “Don’t spend your life with your nose in a book; enjoy life.”

3) Although I had several unusual experiences one year (a sudden shower of white light while walking to a college class in the spring, six weeks of bliss in the summer, and then occasional appearances of a tiny blue light both within and outside my mind’s eye), I did not know what to make of them and continued to live my life as if they had never happened.

4) The blue light was quite persistent. I finally stumbled upon Swami Muktananda’s book, Kundalini: The Secret of Life, page 42, and learned it is the Blue Pearl, “the divine light of Consciousness…the actual form of the Self, our innermost reality, the form of God which lives within us.”

5) Years later, I kept complaining to my father: “We live in a heartless world today; this is not the world I grew up in.” He kept challenging me to DO something. I thought to myself, WHAT, take on the WORLD???!!! How am I going to do THAT???!!!

6) After a lifetime on the path of enlightenment, I established The Wray Foundation for Enlightenment as a for-profit, sole proprietorship devoted to inspiration and illumination. I started a blog to connect with people who are passionate about individual self-realization and global enlightenment. Blogging is the ideal vehicle for this business model. I post my insights as they come to me. I give of myself freely and others receive freely.


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