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The path of love is everywhere always forevermore. The only limitations that exist
are those that we enable. We create our lives relationships communities nations
world cosmos. When we allow stress noise hype nonsense to take root and flourish,
we create problems for ourselves one another our world. Better instead to champion
loving enthusiastic excellence in everyone and everything everywhere all the time.



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When our kundalini rises up the spine and stabilizes in the crown chakra,
we enjoy permanent love bliss joy peace happiness enlightenment as well as
zen mind beginner’s mind and the tabula rasa of ourselves, forever liberated
from the bondage of any individual collective global cosmic vasanas or karma.

Pure Soul Power!

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The brilliant pure soul power of only love sweet love radiates within through from
every particle of our being doing feeling thinking as soon as our 720 million nadis
(energy channels) and 88,000 chakras (energy centers) are permanently wide open.
We blissfully distill sublimate transcend all density when the brilliant pure soul power
of only love sweet love heals every particle of every wound we have ever suffered.



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As is the sunshine to our skies, so are our hearts to our souls!!! Experiencing
everlasting sheer bliss radiating within through from our entire being doing
feeling thinking, we realize that the love within through from our hearts
heals all the wounds throughout our soular selves while the sunshine within
through from our skies heals all the wounds throughout our soular worlds!!!



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Our being doing feeling thinking is at its real true
pure simple best in service to only love always!!!



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Every particle of everything everywhere always forevermore will very soon
and suddenly be simply real true pure good and our individual collective
global cosmic being doing feeling thinking will be an absolute continuous
expression of love bliss joy peace happiness!!! OM TAT SAT TAT OM!!!



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Our being doing feeling thinking every moment of our lives is our message to everyone everywhere always forevermore. Our devotion to creating a better world for all ultimately
takes root and grows, often in ways we may not envision. Our experiences with darkness
may even catapult us into greater light, since we always dream of always flying free,
even within the heat of the deepest darkest night. WE ARE WHO WE ARE!!! OM TAT SAT!!!



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As heroic beings, we timelessly resonate our powerful peaceful truth, actively offensively pragmatically risking our lives in devoted service to the common good. As we always heed
the call to always be heroic champions of liberty equality justice for all, the truth of our lives happily reverberates within and far out from us here there everywhere always forevermore!!!



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Human nirvana is at its real true pure simple best when actionable concrete
pragmatic tangible as well as abstract conceptual intangible potential. Human
enlightenment happens when our divine sublime celestial souls always enjoy
love bliss joy peace happiness within as well as far out from our physical bodies.



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Rather than indulging ourselves in any of the nonsense that has always sabotaged
our best interests, we are far better off purely simply honestly loving ourselves
and one another and inspiring creating ensuring opportunity prosperity happiness
for all of us everywhere always forevermore!!!

Nirvana is the everlasting paradise of satchitananda (absolute bliss consciousness),
a word that purely simply precisely sums up the divine sublime celestial nature
of everything everywhere!!! The timeless lyrics of Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In
envision a world where all of us always enjoy living in paradise!!!

Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In (Jarvis Rado/Gerome Ragni © 1966 from the musical Hair): When the Moon is in the Seventh House, And Jupiter aligns with Mars, Then Peace will guide
the planets, And Love will steer the stars. This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, Age
of Aquarius, Aquarius, Aquarius. Harmony and understanding, Sympathy and trust abounding.
No more falsehoods or derisions, Golden living dreams of vision, Mystic crystal revelations, And the mind’s true liberation. Aquarius, Aquarius. Let the sun shine, Let the sun shine in, The sun shine in. (repeat)

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