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Time for WE THE PEOPLE all over the world to insist on love peace truth everywhere always forevermore, within everything everyone does feels thinks says. Time for WE THE PEOPLE to insist that everyone in positions of power and influence serve the best interests of everyone everywhere, never only and always their own best interests, and never the best interests of hate war falsehood!!!

Outworn retrograde paradigms do not serve the best interests of everyone everywhere
and do not work. In a world that works for everyone, only love always works for everyone everywhere all the time. The more hell we experience, the more heaven we crave, but we need never experience hell in any way shape form to ever appreciate the many splendored treasures of heaven everywhere always.

Time for everyone everywhere to reject vitriol fighting lying as acceptable behavior. If those in positions of power and influence continue to engage in behavior that involves vitriol fighting lying, WE THE PEOPLE must relentlessly hold them accountable and responsible for that behavior until they permanently stop it. Heaven on earth cannot happen where any hate war falsehood exists!!!

As the poet W.H. Auden wrote in his poem marking the outbreak of World War II,
September 1, 1939: “We must love one another or die.” Whenever we do NOT love one another, we are heartlessly DEAD inside!!! In fact, only love sweet love reigns blissfully supreme within the PARADISE of our divine sublime celestial ethereal transcendent translucent enlightened pure soul selves!!! OM TAT SAT!!!

We are now at a pivotal moment in human history when everyone on our planet gets to choose heaven or hell as a way of life for everyone everywhere all the time. We need never engage in any more dark days and experiences similar to those of the past. Rather than rush headlong into more catastrophes everywhere, all of us may instead always embrace collaborative cooperative relationships!!!

Moreover, time for everyone everywhere to do everything in our individual collective global cosmic power to permanently eradicate every blight that currently exists anywhere!!! No more grief havoc pain suffering!!! No more corruption cruelty horror nastiness!!! Only love bliss joy peace happiness prosperity everywhere always forevermore for everyone!!! Heaven on earth happens when all pitch in!!!




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A highly advanced loving enlightened abundant global civilization is far more likely
to emerge sooner rather than later when the entire world commits its collective will
and resources to realizing that vision and making that dream come true. Nirvana
is the everlasting paradise of satchitananda (absolute bliss consciousness)!!!


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However enlightened we may have imagined and even experienced ourselves to be,
an effective meditation program over an extended period of time will reveal to us
every heretofore unexamined congested stagnant particle of ourselves within ourselves
that sooner or later will compel us to utterly purify it going back to the beginning of time.

However smartly and efficiently we may conduct our lives within the world around us,
an effective meditation program over an extended period of time will reveal to us
precisely how much smarter and more efficient we might otherwise had been if only
we had begun to meditate at a much earlier less worldly age, even as a child no less.

Any effective meditation program is not at all for the faint of heart mind body soul
because it painstakingly purifies every particle of our being doing feeling thinking,
all the catacombs of who we have ever been in all our lifetimes anywhere everywhere
since the beginning of time, going back light years beyond light years beyond light years.

Devoted as we may well be to nirvana, the everlasting paradise of satchitananda
(absolute bliss consciousness) and to seeing a permanent highly advanced loving
enlightened abundant global civilization during our current lifetime on planet earth,
only time will tell whether or not a slam dunk soon awaits any of us in that regard.

Whether or not patience is a virtue, it certainly is a steadfastly reliable rock of gibralter
for those of us who endure and weather any and all more or less sudden and swift
internal and external storms in our lives on planet earth, where the greatest challenge
to all of us everywhere all the time is the more or less overt dark side of human nature.


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Once upon a time in a much simpler happier world, we may have had nerves of steel
and cast iron stomachs, but nowadays, nearly everything seems to trigger our angst
and push all our buttons. All remaining planetary karma may now be rapidly emerging
from the depths of everyone’s being, way too much density far too rapidly emerging
for extremely empathic clairsentient souls, especially during meditation or while fantasizing
about a refreshing revitalizing good night’s sleep, but enduring this grueling harrowing
painful wrenching ordeal may be the only way possible for all of us to finally enjoy everlasting love bliss joy peace happiness prosperity everywhere always forevermore!!!


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Until love bliss joy peace happiness prosperity flourish everywhere always forevermore
on our planet and EVERYONE enjoys living in a highly advanced loving enlightened
abundant civilization, ALL OF US have our work cut out for us to collaboratively


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Prior to 2018, free will here on our planet enabled us to independently do anything
and everything along a seemingly infinite spectrum of behavior from the dumbest
most hateful to the smartest most loving, but once divine sublime celestial
free will becomes the rule rather than the exception, only brilliant illuminating
inspirational intelligent radiant scintillating shimmering sparkling love sweet
love will increasingly reign supreme and flourish everywhere always forevermore!!!


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The path of love is everywhere always forevermore. The only limitations that exist
are those that we enable. We create our lives relationships communities nations
world cosmos. When we allow stress noise hype nonsense to take root and flourish,
we create problems for ourselves one another our world. Better instead to champion
loving enthusiastic excellence in everyone and everything everywhere all the time.


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When our kundalini rises up the spine and stabilizes in the crown chakra,
we enjoy permanent love bliss joy peace happiness enlightenment as well as
zen mind beginner’s mind and the tabula rasa of ourselves, forever liberated
from the bondage of any individual collective global cosmic vasanas or karma.

Pure Soul Power!

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The brilliant pure soul power of only love sweet love radiates within through from
every particle of our being doing feeling thinking as soon as our 720 million nadis
(energy channels) and 88,000 chakras (energy centers) are permanently wide open.
We blissfully distill sublimate transcend all density when the brilliant pure soul power
of only love sweet love heals every particle of every wound we have ever suffered.


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As is the sunshine to our skies, so are our hearts to our souls!!! Experiencing
everlasting sheer bliss radiating within through from our entire being doing
feeling thinking, we realize that the love within through from our hearts
heals all the wounds throughout our soular selves while the sunshine within
through from our skies heals all the wounds throughout our soular worlds!!!

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