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Enlightenment happens whenever we experience everything
everywhere always forevermore as brilliant radiant scintillating
shimmering sparkling sheer subtle blissful particles of light!!!
Thus we enjoy nirvana, the everlasting paradise of satchitananda!!!



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Experience challenges illuminates inspires refreshes our perspective and stretches
our capacity for enjoying increasingly divine sublime celestial ethereal transcendent
translucent loving enlightened abundant radiantly brilliantly sunny creative lives!!!


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We are now absolutely continuously focused on disintegrating dissolving dissipating
all remaining remnants of internal human programming (karma). OM TAT SAT OM!!!


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Our divine sublime celestial ethereal transcendent translucent enlightened pure soul selves
naturally effortlessly peacefully seamlessly radiate the infinite eternal exquisite everlasting
radiant brilliant sunshine of only love sweet love within through from every subtle particle
of our being doing feeling thinking everywhere always forevermore!!! OM TAT SAT OM!!!


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NOW Rapidly Accelerating —> AND THEN Rapidly Culminating —> VOILA The Age of Aquarius!!!
Love is the key to happiness!!! Pure consciousness is pure soul power!!!
Enlightened souls always radiate everlasting love!!! Nirvana is the everlasting
paradise of satchitananda!!! The entire cosmos resides within the Blue Pearl,
the divine light of consciousness within everyone!!! OM TAT SAT!!!
Once the subtle energy within our 88,000 chakras radiates everywhere always forevermore,
individual collective global cosmic self-realization enlightenment nirvana is a slam dunk!!!


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Although each and every one of our divine sublime celestial pure soul selves
has its own unique aura destiny karma language personality vision, our individual
being doing feeling thinking is a microcosmic reflection of the collective global
cosmic being doing feeling thinking macrocosm. Everything now rapidly unfolding
everywhere paves the way for Our Imminent Everlastingly Heavenly Age of Aquarius!!!


September 8, 2017 at 1:59 pm | Posted in Freedom | Leave a comment

Since the entire cosmos resides within the Blue Pearl (the divine light of consciousness
within everyone), any energetic difficulties we experience in our lives reflect our connection
to the dark side of human nature within the entire cosmos. When those energetic difficulties
are finally history, we enjoy permanent liberation from any and all human constraints.


September 3, 2017 at 11:38 am | Posted in Action | Leave a comment

Our real true pure simple words are our real true pure simple bonds
and every action we take manifests the bonds our words express!!!

Pure Soul Power!

September 3, 2017 at 11:29 am | Posted in Pure Soul Power | Leave a comment

Only the divine sublime celestial consciousness of our individual collective global cosmic
pure soul power has the humane moral authority to naturally effortlessly heroically
effect goodness in feeling thought word deed everywhere always forevermore
and inspire unstoppable constructive proactive change for the better as well as
our individual collective global cosmic ongoing happiness and well being. OM TAT SAT!!!


August 19, 2017 at 5:00 pm | Posted in Love | Leave a comment

Wherever love reigns, only love abides!!! The magnificent mission of Our Imminent
Age of Aquarius is to steadfastly ensure that an everlastingly sublime ocean of only love sweet love reigns blissfully supreme everywhere always forevermore within everyday lives exponentially naturally effortlessly dramatically abundantly lighter brighter lovelier happier than any and all moments we may have previously cherished enjoyed experienced known!!!

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